RootCamp officially starts with international startups 

The RootCamp is a new startup incubator located in Hannover/Germany with a focus on agriculture and nutrition. The 5 startups in the first batch were chosen out of more than 100 applications (with 20% in Germany, 60% in Europe and 20% outside of Europe). The selection process was held together with our parent company SpinLab – The HHL Accelerator and the corporate partner K+S AG. 

The following young teams will start as the first batch in RootCamp on the 30th of November: 

  • Aquapurna GmbH – Germany – aquaculture 
  • Be-Grow GmbH – Germany – soil improvement
  • CROPT d.o.o. – Serbia – digital recommendation for fertilizer 
  • PlasticFri AB – Sweden – foil made from agricultural residues
  • SmartCloudFarming GmbH – Germany – digital 3D soil maps 

RootCamp’s goal is the implementation of the startup technologies into the industrial environment of the involved partner.